Pre-birth Course

To prepare you to welcome your baby with serenity and awareness.

The pre-birth course (or birth accompaniment course) prepares the couple for labor and delivery. During the course, our professionals will provide you with all the necessary resources to experience the birth of your baby as calmly as possible.

The course has numerous objectives, among the main ones are certainly the interaction with other couples experiencing pregnancy, but above all, the opportunity to acquire:


about pregnancy, labor, and the necessary care for the baby in the first days of life

Breathing techniques

for relaxation during labor

Greater body awareness

through educational tools on postpartum care, hygiene during pregnancy, and more.


Group creation


Nutrition and
hygiene during pregnancy

Uterine health and
movement during pregnancy

Perineal preparation

What to pack in your hospital bag

Transition from dyad
to family triad

Management of postpartum in the
hospital and at home


Newborn sleep

Promotion of breastfeeding

Our Professionals

psicologa del centro cfa napoli

Fabiana Esposito

Psychotherapist and newborn sleep consultant

staff corso pre-parto

Chiara Riccio

Midwife specialized in pelvic floor rehabilitation and breastfeeding

staff corso pre-parto

Marianna Clemente

Midwife specialized in psychoprophylaxis for childbirth and birth, and instructor of water gymnastics for pregnant women

nutrizionista del cfa napoli

Giuseppe D’Andolfi

Biologist specialized in nutrition

The Meetings

There will be 8 meetings (1 per week) and each will offer a theoretical part and a practical part involving laboratory and bodywork for the woman, the couple, and the family triad. The presence of the partner is very important, as childbirth is a central milestone in the life of the couple, do not forget it!

Comfortable clothing is recommended (tracksuit, non-slip socks, towel).

For information and reservations call us at +393407145961 or fill out the form below.



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