CFA is a fertility hub that, through a comprehensive and integrated approach, can assist couples before, during, and after pregnancy. Taking care of your fertility is the basis of our method: for us, it is important to raise awareness about this concept. Fertility, in fact, must be preserved even before feeling the desire for parenthood, before encountering problems.


Through prevention and small attentions to your lifestyle. Indeed, sometimes it is simple daily habits that compromise happiness. Consider smoking, alcohol, poor diet, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle. Having the right balance is always the best way to success.

Sometimes you need to stop, observe, and ask yourself: what can I do for myself?
And if you don’t want to do it yourself, we will: the CFA takes care of you and your fertility!


Pregnancy is a special moment in a woman’s life, which is why it should be entrusted to experts in the field. At CFA, we follow women with regular check-ups, accompanying patients step by step from the first trimester until delivery.
Moreover, our pregnancy pathway includes all the necessary services to monitor pregnancy using the most advanced technologies, such as:

  • translucency
  • morphology scan
  • growth scan
  • ● fetal-placental Doppler flowmetry

In the context of prenatal diagnostics, we perform the NIPT (non-invasive prenatal test) to analyze fetal DNA present in the mother’s plasma, and if necessary, villocentesis and amniocentesis.

A high-risk pregnancy can have various causes: stress, poor living conditions, or the presence of some pathology. When this condition arises, the woman must pay greater attention to reach delivery without further complications.

Our center accompanies high-risk patients at every moment, providing all the necessary psychological and medical support. It is important that every woman conducts a normal and calm pregnancy. That’s why the specialist will provide the patient with all the useful tools to carry the pregnancy to term in the best possible way.

Pregnancy is a precious moment for a woman, but it is often accompanied by a thousand doubts and fears. At our center, you can undergo all the most innovative non-invasive prenatal tests to detect the main chromosomal abnormalities or the presence of any pathologies. Here you can undergo:

  • morphology scan
  • growth scan
  • nuchal translucency (test that evaluates the risk of chromosomal abnormalities during the early stages of fetal life)
  • NIPT (non-invasive prenatal test useful for analyzing fetal DNA present in the mother’s plasma).

Screening tests are not diagnostic tests; in fact, a positive result requires confirmation with diagnostic tests such as villocentesis and amniocentesis.

Our team will also assist you during delivery by directing the couple to our reference hospital, where the professionals who have previously monitored the pregnancy operate. In this facility, painless childbirth (epidural) and water birth are performed. It has one of the best NICUs (neonatal intensive care units) and all the departments for comprehensive assistance to the mother and newborn.

Pregnancy is a delicate moment in life, during which it can be useful to undertake a psychological support pathway. This offers future mothers and fathers the opportunity to take care of their needs and create a new balance following the physiological readjustment of personal and couple life that this transition requires, while also preventing the possible onset of post-partum emotional-relational disorders. Moreover, the first months with a newborn can be difficult, so a psychological support pathway is also important after the baby’s birth.

In the first three months of life, newborns’ sleep does not have an established cycle, which is why it is essential that parents use this time to get to know each other, discover each other, synchronize, and establish a trust-based relationship that will be functional in the following months. Sleep is fundamental for newborns to assimilate the stimuli they learn during the day, but it is equally important for parents to regain the energy needed to perform daily functions in addition to those related to caring for the little one. Therefore, based on how babies sleep, their wake windows, their physiological and non-physiological awakenings, we will work together to understand:

  • what facilitates the newborn’s sleep
  • ● what disturbs it
  • how to create a relaxing sleep environment.

We will also focus on the safety of the newborn during sleep, SIDS prevention, and the creation of a bedtime routine tailored to the specific needs of that individual newborn.

A four-stage pathway to accompany parents through the initial phases of the most important journey of their lives. Through the identification and analysis of the mother-child couple’s needs:

  • we will try to prevent, recognize, and resolve any breastfeeding difficulties;
  • we will focus on how the newborn sleeps to create a bedtime routine that makes them feel safe and serene;
  • we will explore the newborn’s cry, which can be very intense in the first months due to colic, reflux, or Purple Crying;
  • we will analyze the importance of play in the first months of life to build a bond with the baby and develop their sensory, cognitive, and motor skills.

Breast milk is a complete food for the newborn, providing immunological and antibacterial factors, and all the necessary nutrients for growth. Breastfeeding is thus a very important moment for both mother and baby, but in some cases, the intervention of a specialist is needed to guide the mother in this new experience. The most common problems that can arise after childbirth are:

  • a baby who does not latch onto the breast
  • sore nipples
  • breast engorgement or milk production problems.

Our center provides a specialized team to support new mothers in this delicate moment.

Having a proper diet during pregnancy is very important for the normal growth of the fetus. Caloric intake must be adequate for each case, and the consumption of food and drinks should be measured and controlled. It is a myth that a pregnant woman should eat for two! In fact, weight must be carefully monitored throughout the nine months of pregnancy.
Following a balanced and healthy diet is not always easy; some women need the support of a specialist. The CFA offers nutritional consultation to all women who need support during this delicate phase of life. An expert nutritionist will provide the patient with all the tools necessary to face pregnancy serenely with a personalized nutrition plan.

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